Free Golf event in Oxford this coming on Black Friday

Here at EnglishTour golf, we believe that Golf is more than just a game. Golf and sports in general are much more than just a way to spend your time. Through sports we learn a lot about ourselves and we find out a lot about who we can be. We improve ourselves and become better versions of ourselves. This is why we strongly believe that enabling more and more people to practice different types of sports is the best way to give back to the community.

At English Tour golf association we have decided to do a free golfing event on Black Friday weekend. Taking people away from the shopping frenzy and using their energy to do something that’s more constructive.

We have partnered with a few local Oxford companies to help us with this event and we’re currently still looking for sponsors to help us introduce more people to the wonderful world of golfing.

The Golf event will consist of a few separate parts in the following order :

  • Introduction to the history of Golf
  • Introduction to golf equipment and techniques
  • General meet and greet with the organizers
  • Short lunch discussion between the sponsors and the people attending
  • Start of the golf experience
  • Golf championship race
  • Award ceremony
  • Dinner at the North Oxford Golf Club

Oxford Golf Event Girl PlayingWe would really love to introduce as many people as possible to the wonderful world of Golf. The English Tour has already contacted the local Oxfordire council  and a few non for profit organizations in the region to help us spread the word about the event.

We would like to thank the sponsors of the even that have already contributed to the cause. The general sponsor of the event in Oxford is fab cleaning. They will be giving away £1000 to the winner of the event. We are currently looking for the 2nd and 3rd place sponsors. Please feel free to contact us and let us know if you are interested in becoming a part of this event. We are looking forward to the 28th of November and to all the people that will be attending our free golf event.


Best Facebook Golf Pages

Everybody knows Facebook and almost everyone you know is on it. That’s a fact and to be quite honest more and more people are getting on the Social platform each day. As far as I know they are currently negotiating to go in China and with that their social reach will practically double overnight. That’s why it’s really understandable when you search for Golf on Facebook, you will eventually find amazing golf pages with golfers from all over the world playing on fantastic fields that some of us could only dream about playing on. I personally like a lot of pages like that and today I’ve decided to list some of my favorite pages about Golfing that I’ve found on Facebook. There are lots of them and there are fantastic channels on the social media with guides on how to improve your golfing as well as where to find the best golf courses around you. I actually learned a few tricks thanks to such channels recently and urge you to go to these pages and see if there’s something interesting you could learn yourself.

Beginning with the Facebook page of the Golf Channel that you could find by searching for “Golf Channel” you will find lots of interesting stuff. They post on their Facebook page at least twice a day, which makes their page really popular if you want to look at Golf news that are brand new.

Another great page that I looked at recently is the Golfing World page. The Golfing world is actually a UK based website which I quite like. They have tons of information and I recently learned about a new golf course which is being built nearby Banbury. Talking about Banbury in a totally unrelated manner, I recently found a page of an end of tenancy cleaning Banbury company which seems to be fantastic at what they do. I decided to drop their page here as they actually have quite a good looking page and thought that it wouldn’t really hurt as the page is on Facebook as well.

Anyway, enough about that. There are actually a few pages on other social media networks such as Twitter for example, but that’s something I’ll talk about in another post.

Oh, how could I miss the facebook page of Tiger Woods! The page of the best golfer in the world for the past decade is not something you’d want to miss. Although he’s not an active player nowadays, there’s still a lot about golf which he posts on his site and I really appreciate the things he has to say as one of the sport’s legends. Some might even call me a fan and it’s true, but we’ll talk about what I think of Tiger Woods in a separate article as well.

Anyway I hope that you’ve found this article interesting and that you are going to appreciate this video that I’ve decided to end the article with about the top 10 Golf Fanatics Worldwide.


One of the best golf courses in London – the West London Golf Center

One of the best golf courses in London – the West London Golf Center

West London Golf Conter

As a Londoner, obviously the place where I play golf the most is our beloved capital. Although I have to admit that there are an abundance of amazing golf courses around the world, some of which are in Bulgaria for example, I do love my “hometurf” and especially a couple of golf courses around the city. London provides golfers with plenty of choice when it comes to locations where you could practice your game, but one of my favorite places, partly because it is so near to my home in Twickenham is the West London Golf Center. Albeit it only has 9 holes, it is near my place and whenever I have some time to play with friends or just by myself to clear my head, the West London Golf Center is actually also a pretty cheap place to play at. Like I mentioned before it only has 9 holes to choose from, but they are fine for a Friday afternoon. I have actually played there once, while some cleaners were helping me with my end of tenancy cleaning while I was moving to a house two blocks down. I actually talked to the owner of the business and he turned out to be a golf player himself, so that’s how I got this cheap end of tenancy cleaning in West London. It was cool, as we then turned into golf buddies and I often catch him on this golf course in West London. Shoutout to Mark Clutterby for the great service that one time for my now former place in Uxbridge.

Anyways I wanted to let you know about the Golf Center in West London. It is easily accessible, because it is near the ME25, so even if you’re coming from the South West part of London or the North West boroughs such as Croydon, Twickenham and others, the golf course wouldn’t be hard to find and to take advantage of.

Compared to other Golf courses I wouldn’t really say that it is the best, but I’m sure you already noticed that I wasn’t claiming it is. Everyone knows that the Albridge Golf Course is the best one out there and if I have to be honest the West London Golf Center, isn’t in the top 10 of the golf courses. There is actually this list of the best places to golf in London here. I love Albridge and also Beconsfield golf course, but there’s some sort of charm in playing at a small 9 hole course nearby your home. I actually often bike there and have a locker there and the price to keep my gear there is also something that keeps bringing me back. It’s just so convenient that I couldn’t be happier with the experience. The staff is nice and I don’t need to worry if anyone is going to judge my game, because the course isn’t populated with many high quality players. Most of the people playing there are recreational and amateur players just looking to improve their game on an affordable course, without many pros judging them. I am personally not one of these people, but from what I’ve seen there are plenty of cases just like that.  For now I am willing to keep playing in the area, but I will most likely switch to another place in the near future, not because I don’t like the place, but because I don’t like staying at one place and playing the same holes, as it feels like if you stop moving, you stop improving your game. At least that’s how I feel. The people at have mentioned this in this article about how to become a good golf player.

West London Golf Course in Uxbridge UB5


Best Golf Courses in Bulgaria

Two of the best golf courses in Bulgaria

You might know Bulgaria for it’s controversial politicians, the great ski resorts such as Bansko and Pamporovo or may be if you’re younger, with Sin City – Sunny Beach, the summer resort on the Black Sea, but if you are a passionate Golfer, you should know that in the past 10 years or so, the Golf sport in the country has grown in popularity and with the growth in popularity, a couple of goff courses have showed up there. If you love skiing and you’ve been to Bansko, you should have spotted the signs about Piring Golf Club. This Golf Club is actually the best one there is in Bulgaria and I have mentioned it first on purpose. Although the other golf place in Bulgaria, which is on the other side of the country near Varna is probably also as good as Pirin Golf Club, if you decide to go to Bulgaria, you’re probably going to do some work while there and in 90% of the cases the work you’ll be doing is going to be done in Sofia, thus the nearest Golf Course that is worth it – the one near Bansko.

The place has everything that an okay golf course should have and more. Lets start with the scenery. Pirin Golf Club is located between three large mountains, two of the largest mountains in Bulgaria – Rila and Pirin (the mountain that the golf club is named after) and the view on it is magnificent. Whichever way you turn, you will see a spectacular view of mountains and if you decide to go there in late spring or the beginning of the Summer, the mountain tops will still have snow on them, making the view even more breathtaking.

Here are a few pictures that I was able tGolf Club in Pirin Bulgariao get from the website of the Golf Club here


If you stumble upon this page while on a business trip and you don’t have your Golf equipment, don’t worry as you could rent some of their equipment and there are actually a couple of stores in Sofia, which offer a good amount if variety of stores where you could simply buy some clothes for a day on the course. I went there with the thought of golfing for a day, so at the end I needed to get the stuff dry cleaned and waiting me in Sofia, before I went back for my flight back home. I found a website of a dry cleaning in Sofia where I ordered a pickup and cleaning of the clothes and they were awaiting in my hotel room a day before the flight, so a smooth transaction that I was really happy about.


Anyway enough about Pirin Golf Club! The other place I wanted to mention is the Tracian Cliffs Golf Club which is located near Balchik, or if that doesn’t sound familiar, the nearest city is Varna – the biggest city on the Black Sea shore. The thing here is that if you love mountain views and you are impressed by the views in the Pirin Golf Club, the ones here at Thracian Golf Cliffs resort will take your breath away. I have only seen such amazing views at a golf course in the United States in LA and the area around. If you decide to go there just to play a little golf, the easiest way to do so, would be to take a flight from Luton to Varna directly. There are a couple of low-fare options that fly at really low prices.

Here are a few pictures of this resort for your viewing and hopefully they’ll inspire you to visit this place. There’s also a website of Thracian Golf Cliffs here. You could easily book a hotel somewhere around and enjoy the place and it’s superb courses.

Pirin Golf Club