Best Golf Courses in Bulgaria

Two of the best golf courses in Bulgaria

You might know Bulgaria for it’s controversial politicians, the great ski resorts such as Bansko and Pamporovo or may be if you’re younger, with Sin City – Sunny Beach, the summer resort on the Black Sea, but if you are a passionate Golfer, you should know that in the past 10 years or so, the Golf sport in the country has grown in popularity and with the growth in popularity, a couple of goff courses have showed up there. If you love skiing and you’ve been to Bansko, you should have spotted the signs about Piring Golf Club. This Golf Club is actually the best one there is in Bulgaria and I have mentioned it first on purpose. Although the other golf place in Bulgaria, which is on the other side of the country near Varna is probably also as good as Pirin Golf Club, if you decide to go to Bulgaria, you’re probably going to do some work while there and in 90% of the cases the work you’ll be doing is going to be done in Sofia, thus the nearest Golf Course that is worth it – the one near Bansko.

The place has everything that an okay golf course should have and more. Lets start with the scenery. Pirin Golf Club is located between three large mountains, two of the largest mountains in Bulgaria – Rila and Pirin (the mountain that the golf club is named after) and the view on it is magnificent. Whichever way you turn, you will see a spectacular view of mountains and if you decide to go there in late spring or the beginning of the Summer, the mountain tops will still have snow on them, making the view even more breathtaking.

Here are a few pictures that I was able tGolf Club in Pirin Bulgariao get from the website of the Golf Club here


If you stumble upon this page while on a business trip and you don’t have your Golf equipment, don’t worry as you could rent some of their equipment and there are actually a couple of stores in Sofia, which offer a good amount if variety of stores where you could simply buy some clothes for a day on the course. I went there with the thought of golfing for a day, so at the end I needed to get the stuff dry cleaned and waiting me in Sofia, before I went back for my flight back home. I found a website of a dry cleaning in Sofia where I ordered a pickup and cleaning of the clothes and they were awaiting in my hotel room a day before the flight, so a smooth transaction that I was really happy about.


Anyway enough about Pirin Golf Club! The other place I wanted to mention is the Tracian Cliffs Golf Club which is located near Balchik, or if that doesn’t sound familiar, the nearest city is Varna – the biggest city on the Black Sea shore. The thing here is that if you love mountain views and you are impressed by the views in the Pirin Golf Club, the ones here at Thracian Golf Cliffs resort will take your breath away. I have only seen such amazing views at a golf course in the United States in LA and the area around. If you decide to go there just to play a little golf, the easiest way to do so, would be to take a flight from Luton to Varna directly. There are a couple of low-fare options that fly at really low prices.

Here are a few pictures of this resort for your viewing and hopefully they’ll inspire you to visit this place. There’s also a website of Thracian Golf Cliffs here. You could easily book a hotel somewhere around and enjoy the place and it’s superb courses.

Pirin Golf Club

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