One of the best golf courses in London – the West London Golf Center

One of the best golf courses in London – the West London Golf Center

West London Golf Conter

As a Londoner, obviously the place where I play golf the most is our beloved capital. Although I have to admit that there are an abundance of amazing golf courses around the world, some of which are in Bulgaria for example, I do love my “hometurf” and especially a couple of golf courses around the city. London provides golfers with plenty of choice when it comes to locations where you could practice your game, but one of my favorite places, partly because it is so near to my home in Twickenham is the West London Golf Center. Albeit it only has 9 holes, it is near my place and whenever I have some time to play with friends or just by myself to clear my head, the West London Golf Center is actually also a pretty cheap place to play at. Like I mentioned before it only has 9 holes to choose from, but they are fine for a Friday afternoon. I have actually played there once, while some cleaners were helping me with my end of tenancy cleaning while I was moving to a house two blocks down. I actually talked to the owner of the business and he turned out to be a golf player himself, so that’s how I got this cheap end of tenancy cleaning in West London. It was cool, as we then turned into golf buddies and I often catch him on this golf course in West London. Shoutout to Mark Clutterby for the great service that one time for my now former place in Uxbridge.

Anyways I wanted to let you know about the Golf Center in West London. It is easily accessible, because it is near the ME25, so even if you’re coming from the South West part of London or the North West boroughs such as Croydon, Twickenham and others, the golf course wouldn’t be hard to find and to take advantage of.

Compared to other Golf courses I wouldn’t really say that it is the best, but I’m sure you already noticed that I wasn’t claiming it is. Everyone knows that the Albridge Golf Course is the best one out there and if I have to be honest the West London Golf Center, isn’t in the top 10 of the golf courses. There is actually this list of the best places to golf in London here. I love Albridge and also Beconsfield golf course, but there’s some sort of charm in playing at a small 9 hole course nearby your home. I actually often bike there and have a locker there and the price to keep my gear there is also something that keeps bringing me back. It’s just so convenient that I couldn’t be happier with the experience. The staff is nice and I don’t need to worry if anyone is going to judge my game, because the course isn’t populated with many high quality players. Most of the people playing there are recreational and amateur players just looking to improve their game on an affordable course, without many pros judging them. I am personally not one of these people, but from what I’ve seen there are plenty of cases just like that. ¬†For now I am willing to keep playing in the area, but I will most likely switch to another place in the near future, not because I don’t like the place, but because I don’t like staying at one place and playing the same holes, as it feels like if you stop moving, you stop improving your game. At least that’s how I feel. The people at have mentioned this in this article about how to become a good golf player.

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